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::Welcome to Tony Harris on-line!

Tony established himself as a recording engineer with bands such as Bad Company & REM. He has recorded many gold and platinum albums. Phil Coulter's album "Highland Cathedral" achieved "Best New Age album" Grammy nominationChair album cover

Tony has just completed Working on the album "Chair". You can order a copy of the album via this PayPal link:

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At the moment, Tony's Mixing tracks with the "Hypnotic" Rad Orchestra.

This year saw Tony back at Livingston Studios in North London to work with The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, recording their latest album Not Your Typical Victorian.

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Timelord Tony spent time remixing an album from the 80's for Newcastle Band "Best Cartoons" -recorded on a TEAC 4 track(!!)

Tony's working with Phil Burns, contributing to the stories and histories of studios at www.philsbook.com

Check out Tony's interview for Warez.com here

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