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:: Tony Harris - the story....             Whitfield Street Studios

:In 1975, Tony picked up a HiFi magazine with a feature titled 'How a Recording Studio works' on his way home from school -and that's where it all started.....         
Tony cutting the grass with his Dad

Ginji Itoh
.....He got his first job with Pebble Beach Sound Studios in 1979, moving on from there to Odyssey Studios...

Mick Ralphs
..In 1981, Tony joined Livingston Studios. Over the next 10 years, he recorded just about everything!!!
....Going freelance, in 1991, was now a natural progression, Tony could go where ever music took him, recording artists in Japan, Colombia, Switzerland, USA, Ireland & Portugal....
.....His natural ability to instill energy into a recording session is evident in all his work,
Bud on the desk in Livingston 2
particularly in his role as producer, for Gallon Drunk(UK), Lovebugs (Switzerland), Glitterbug(UK), Jazz Butcher(UK) and Zubop(UK).....

Lenny Kaye
.....As engineer, Tony has had the pleasure of working with great producers.............

Magnet Studios Tokyo
Phil Coulter, John Leckie, Tot Taylor, Dave Allen, Alan Shacklock, Richard Manwaring, Joe Boyd, Terry Thomas, Lenny Kaye, Mike Chapman, Grant Showbiz........

Rockfield Village signpost
..... at a lengthy list of recording studios:
AIR, Abbey Road, Whitfield Street, Elephant, Pathway, The Church, Amberville, Westside, Surrey Sound, Mayfair, Olympic, Ridge Farm, RG Jones, Rockfield, The Manor, Farmyard, Yellow 2, Crescent, Amazon, Basel City Studios, Sweet Georgia Browns, Castle Sound, Westland, Windmill Lane, Powerplay (Zurich), Magnet (Tokyo), Sedic(Tokyo), Master-Rock, Music Inn (Tokyo), Maison Rouge, CTS, Townhouse, Matrix, Sulán, Sonolux (Bogota), Wessex, Protocol, Snap, Reservoir....

The Manor Mobile
............ and live venues with the Manor Mobile, recording: The Cure, The Creatures, Lynden David Hall, Eagle Eye Cherry, Halford, Ian Dury tribute concert at Brixton Academy, Pete Townshend Lifehouse(at Sadlers Wells), Gay Dad...
Marguerita Rosa, Colombia
....Along the way Tony spent some time working on sound design with Yamaha's R&D team for the SPX990 digital processor........ The experience lead him on to his pioneering work developing the Flotbö Monitoring system...

..... Tony lives in North London with Catherine and their cat Casablanca -cycling everywhere, enjoying gigs, curries, Arsenal and Tony with Harumi Natsuki in Tokyocricket

....... Follow here for some of his favourite Websites: favourite links></a></p>          <table align=

Tony with Ronan Keating in Westland Studios
Picture of Tony